How To Work With The Tech-Team


As we’ve grown in size, and the Engineering Team is working with even more stakeholders than before. Here’s a guide for everyone on how to engage with the Engineering Team so that your requests are captured and does not go into an abyss!

#1 Feature Requests

Features include : Implementing ad slots, design changes etc.

  • Feature requests are placed to the Project Manager of the Engineering Team, (cc General Manager, Sam, for all requests).
  • Small requests can take a few days, depending on the workload of each sprint.
  • Larger requests/ projects may take weeks. (Eg: Site redesigns, complex features, etc.)
  • There will be a physical calendar on the window of the tech team, (2 week sprints) and a (2 months) calendars for large project milestones.

#2 Bug Alerts

  • URGENT BUGS: Can be reported through slack, or whatsapp alerts during non office hours.
  • Non urgent bugs: Send an email to
  • Some bugs have quick fixes, and some need time to be investigated, we try to keep everyone posted with email threads.
  • Best way to report a large bug is to send an email with:
    • Details
    • Screenshots
    • URL

#3 Advice / Investigation-needed stuff

  • Questions such as :
    • “Can we maybe .. track where our users go after they land on our site?” / “Can we … “etc.
  • Features that we have never touched on before will need to be handled with caution.
  • These particulars could take anything from 1 day to 1 week or even 1 month depending on how compatible it is, how much documentation is there etc.
  • Always check with the project manager to better handle timeline expectations.
  • Important note to loop in Kevin (Project Manager | into ALL dealings with the Engineering Team, regardless how small / major the task is. This will assist us in creating a good workflow within the team.